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Getting started with Vidian

Vidian Media is an easy to use video creation platform, and here is our guide on how to get started with the platform: 

First when you log in into your account you will see a Dashboard like the following image, if it is your first time using the platform there will be any videos. 

The Dashboard is where your finished videos will be displayed to play and download. On top, you can see the box "At a Glance" that would provide information about the status of the videos (number of videos, queued and failed) and actions to create new ones. On the top menu you can find different tools to help you create videos faster and better (Video Editor, Audiocards, Importer, Media Library, etc). 

Let's start by creating a video, let's click on the top menu or the button "Create a new video".

This will load the Video Editor, with the title, the template selector and a clip. The title is just for you, so you know what's the video about in the main Dashboard, and the title of the finished video. The template determines the logo, colors, typography, etc (will be personalised for each client).

Remember the video will not we created if you don't select a template. 

On the clip, you can copy and paste a URL for an image or video or you click the Add Media button to upload or select an image or video for this clip. It will preview the images on the left placeholder. 

Then you can start writing your story for this clip, try to be brief (no more than 2 lines). Select an effect (just for images) and the duration of the text (if no duration is selected we automatically calculate the time, but we recommend to select a time between 3 and 6 seconds, depending on the length). 

And from here you can add as many clips as you want. To create the video hit the "Create video" button and wait a few minutes. The video will pop-up on the Dashboard between 5 to 20 minutes (you might need to refresh the page).

Congratulations you created a video! 

Now you should share it on social media and in to your website.

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